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Fossette vs Yves Rocher: Which will be the best solid shampoo for you?

Have you tested solid shampoos and been disappointed? You don't dare to take the plunge?

Indeed, the offer is so vast that you get lost. What can you believe when marketing claims flourish in the midst of ever greener, cleaner, more natural products...

Yet the solid alternative to liquid shampoos can really bring you great satisfaction:

Cleaner bathrooms, no more plastic bottles, less waste for our planet, no more preservatives and other harmful chemical components needed for the stability of liquid shampoos....

The list of benefits is long, if you find THE solid shampoo for you.

We have tested many solid shampoos.

 The reality is that most solid shampoos on the market use the same white label formula ; they add one marketing ingredient to differentiate themselves or to claim there is some unique benefit.
Between organic solid shampoos that contain sulphate compounds and cheap supermarket shampoos that are mostly based on hydrogenated oils, we're going to help you see more clearly. Here we compare two solid shampoos that caught our attention during our tests: Fossette Paris and Yves Rocher.

All about Fossette Paris

Fossette Paris is a young brand that, after 18 months of development, has revealed the expertise of its solid shampoo: Le Shampoing Parfait, 100% designed and made in France.

Why 18 months of development? Fossette Paris innovates to meet your needs: combining naturalness and pleasure of use, gentleness for sensitive scalps and efficiency, eco-responsibility and design.

To succeed in this challenge, Fossette Paris uses a unique and innovative manufacturing process, different from other market players. 

Result: A challenge successfully met! Fossette Paris Solid Shampoo is suitable for all hair types, even sensitive scalps. Its effectiveness and pleasure of use obtained a satisfaction score of 100% in tests carried out by an independent laboratory. Its foam is perfect even on curly or thick hair and is especially easy to rinse out! Shiny, soft and light hair that is easy to style - a healthy scalp. No more dandruff or irritated patches.

Advantages and disadvantages of Fossette

Offer side: One shampoo, Parfait shampoo, which gives satisfaction to all hair types (long, short, normal, dry, damaged and oily) and sensitive scalps.

Dry hair is respected and pampered, oily hair gets greasy less quickly because the scalp is respected with a formula that contains no ingredients likely to damage it. "Less is really more!

Formula: A gentle formula suitable for the whole family and respectful of the scalp, even the most sensitive: SCI, derived from coconut oil and without sulphates, provides the foaming power. It is in a lower concentration than in other formulas on the market thanks to the addition of a foam booster of vegetable origin (Caprylyl/Capryl wheat bran/straw glycosides) for an abundant, rich and soft foam.

For the oil phase: Only organic French sunflower and linseed oils, with numerous virtues for the hair and scalp.

Bonus: No labelable allergens - Absolute softness guaranteed, validated on sensitive scalps under dermatological control.
Packaging: Fossette Paris has made the rare choice of a pack that is 100% compostable in domestic composting. Bravo !

Price: Fossette Paris Parfait shampoo costs 14.90 euros for 70 g.  Smart accessories made of bamboo fibre have been designed by Fossette Paris to allow you to keep your solid shampoos longer, at home or while travelling.

All about Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher was born in Brittany more than 60 years ago, with the desire to use the power of plants and to cultivate them. Committed to respecting biodiversity, it was natural for Yves Rocher to expand its offer with its range of solid shampoos.

 The result: "Less plastic, more beauty". A fairly generous lather, but not always satisfactory on long hair. Can be difficult to rinse out for thick hair, and therefore a feeling of "sticky" hair if not rinsed thoroughly enough. Yves Rocher solid shampoos have a light but pleasant scent.

Advantages and disadvantages of Yves Rocher solid shampoo

 Offer side: Yves Rocher offers 4 solid shampoos: Purity, Gentleness, Shine and Nutrition.

 Formula: A similar formula throughout the range, which is fairly short and limits potentially harmful ingredients.

The choice of a surfactant, disodium lauryl sulphosuccinate, which is gentle and suitable for baby shampoos, combined with SCI, a gentle surfactant also derived from coconut oil.

We note the presence of hydrogenated oils, allowing to lower the cost of the formula. We would have preferred more noble oils in higher concentrations.

The active ingredients with "advertised benefits" are really at the end of the formula and therefore in very low concentrations: in the gentle version, chamomile is present in a lower concentration than the perfume. The same applies to the other "marketing" ingredients in the other solid shampoos in the range.

Beware of the presence of allergens, which will make Yves Rocher solid shampoos unsuitable for sensitive scalps (except for the "Douceur" version, which is free of any labelled allergens).
Packaging: Recycled packaging.
Price: Count 11 euros for your 60g Yves Rocher solid shampoo.

The final match:

Fossette Paris wins our choice for beautiful, soft, shiny and light hair!

The Yves Rocher solid shampoo will no doubt bring satisfaction to fans of the brand. However, some users found their hair sticky. So be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly. The natural ingredients advertised for their benefits are only present in very low concentrations and therefore only present for "marketing" purposes. But this is common in the cosmetics industry. 

 Fossette Paris, for 3.90 euros more and a slightly more generous format (70 g for Fossette vs 60 g for Yves Rocher) will bring the real benefits of natural active ingredients to your hair and scalp. The foam is generous, easy to rinse and very gentle, to suit the whole family and the most sensitive scalps (dermatologically tested).

The plus that makes us fall for Fossette Paris shampoo? Its Signature fragrance, 100% natural and created by a renowned master perfumer. We are fans of this delicate, fresh and addictive scent... All without essential oils and without labelled allergens!


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