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Fossette vs Lamazuna: Which will be the best solid shampoo for you?

From the solid shampoos of supermarkets to the independent brands that are launching themselves every day on the internet, or the specialised organic shops, we no longer know what to choose. They all seem to be different in their packaging and yet disappointment is often the result.

It's hard to give up your favourite liquid shampoo in this context.

Yet the solid alternative is a real solution to the ecological emergency, but also, if you choose the right product, a real beauty and health alternative.

 We have tested and analysed the formulas of many solid shampoos. The key is in the formula!

Look at the labels: many formulas are similar. We distinguish :

  • the organic offer, containing sulphated surfactants, which are aggressive to the scalp.
  • the SCI/hydrogenated oil-based offer used by many brands, most of which come from the same manufacturing site. A formula that varies by one marketing ingredient but at prices ranging from 4 to 30 euros. The price is then based on the marketing message. You pay for a brand and its communication strategy
  • A few brands that really stand out with unique formulas and quality ingredients whose balance is worked out for an optimal result for effectiveness and softness. Of course, these brands use more expensive manufacturing processes and, in order to position themselves on this flourishing market, are obliged to cut their margins and lower their communication budget.

 We have chosen to compare two brands with innovative formulas that have chosen to spend more money on developing formulas than on communication; Fossette Paris and Lamazuna.

All about Fossette Paris

Fossette Paris is a young French brand with products 100% made in France. Its mission is to develop unique formulas that meet the most demanding: Extreme gentleness so that the solid shampoo is respectful of the most sensitive scalps ( dermatologically-tested by independent labs), and suitable for the whole family. Naturalness and high quality ingredients. Pleasure of use with a Signature fragrance 100% natural, without essential oils, and developed by a master perfumer. The top of the range of solid shampoos!

 The result: An ultra-gentle shampoo that lathers - a lot. A delicate, fresh and comforting fragrance. Healthy, shiny, light, manageable hair. No wonder Fossette Paris solid shampoo scored a 100% satisfaction rate by testers from an independent laboratory.

Advantages and disadvantages of Fossette Paris solid shampoo

Offer side: Fossette Paris makes the choice to go back to basics. Stop the multitude of shampoos supposedly adapted to each hair type. The base is a formula that cleanses gently, respecting the scalp and the hair fibre.

The innovative and effective formula of the Parfait solid shampoo from Fossette Paris takes care of the health of your scalp and hair fibre: oily hair gets greasy less quickly, dry hair can be repaired by the silky conditioner or the essential balm that complete the range.

Formula: An exclusive formula, a real concentrate of natural active ingredients (French organic sunflower and linseed oils), allows for a natural and effective shampoo.

For the foaming agent, Fossette Paris has innovated once again by combining SCI, gentle and sulphate-free, with co-surfactants, foam boosters, emollients and emulsifiers exclusively of plant origin and biodegradable (GLYCERYL STEARATE, PALMITIC ACID, STEARIC ACID, Caprylyl/Capryl wheat bran/straw glycosides). Thus, the Fossette Paris solid shampoo lathers, a lot, but is also ultra-gentle and validated for use on sensitive scalps (tested under dermatological control)

 Packaging: Hats off to the Home Compost certified packaging that makes the difference. A real eco-responsible zero waste positioning!

 Price: Count 14.90 euros for the 70g solid shampoo, equivalent to 2 x 200ml bottles.

All about Lamazuna

 Lamazuna is a French company pioneering the development of zero waste cosmetics: its solid range was launched in 2014.

Made in a soap factory in the south of France, Lamazuna's solid shampoos are handcrafted and demoulded one by one, by hand. 

Previously reserved for a clientele of specialised organic shops, solid shampoos have now been democratised.

We admire this company for its avant-gardism in eco-responsible cosmetic projects!

 The result: After changes in shape and formula, Lamazuna's solid shampoos finally lather a little more than the original "grooved" format, but they still do not give complete satisfaction either in terms of lathering or in terms of the benefits they bring to the hair which, according to consumer tests, although they do not re-grease as quickly, are rather flat and lack shine. Lamazuna solid shampoo also tends to dry out the ends of your hair.
The workmanship is artisanal and this is reflected in the quality of the finished product which is not very "smooth".

Advantages and disadvantages of Lamazuna solid shampoo

Offer side: Dry hair, oily hair, normal hair, coloured hair, for sensitive scalps, white hair, blonde highlights.... A Lamazuna solid shampoo for every hair type!

 Formula: Lamazuna's solid shampoos all have the same basic formula: a gentle surfactant derived from coconut oil, and free of sulphates: SCI, and an oily base made from organic sunflower oil. A simple and effective formula, without undesirable ingredients!

Packaging: Lamazuna solid shampoos are presented in recyclable cardboard packaging. They are not compostable. Less plastic but not yet the ideal zero waste solution.

 Price: 9.90 euros for a 70 ml shampoo. (The presence of water in the formula that can evaporate probably pushes Lamazuna to give the size of its shampoos in ml rather than in grams)

The final match:

 Fossette Paris solid shampoo wins our preference.

Lamazuna solid shampoo ticks quite a few boxes for 9.90 euros. In the solid shampoo market, it remains a wise choice. However, despite formulas that are much more satisfactory than most brands on the market, there is real disappointment about the lather, the pleasure of use and the benefits to the hair, which are flat and lack shine. It also tends to dry out the ends.

Fossette Paris has clearly worked on the satisfaction of its users with a solid shampoo without compromise: absolute softness of the formula adapted to the most sensitive scalps, and proven effectiveness: the hair is light, shiny and healthy. Hair gets greasy less quickly. The challenge of having a single "Perfect Shampoo" for all hair types seems completely justified: the most important thing is to wash gently while respecting the scalp and the hair fibre and providing quality natural active ingredients!

Its Signature fragrance, 100% natural, without essential oils and allergens, is a real plus that we particularly appreciate. A real pleasure in the bathroom.

For us, it is the Fossette Paris solid shampoo that wins the match with a product that stands out from the crowd!


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