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Adopting Solids

It wasn’t until the mid-20th century that liquid shampoo and soap became mass-produced for domestic use. It was produced for convenience without consideration about the incredible toll it would take on the planet, as well the toxic affects to our health due to additives, like preservatives, sulfates and silicones. As a population, we got used to the ease and sensorial qualities of liquid soaps. At Fossette, we created a line of solid care that surpasses the efficacy and sensorial quality of liquid cleansers you have grown accustomed to. We've made it easy take care of your skin, hair and the planet.

20 x less energy to manufacture than the equivalent in liquid form

Due to the water content, all liquid soaps and conditioners require preservatives which are endocrine disruptors. Our solids have no water so no chemical preservatives are needed.

Liquid soaps create unnecessary plastic waste. Our packaging is FSC-certified, using soy inks and are certified to be compostable.

Easier on the wallet (1 solid shampoo of 70 g = 2 bottles of 250 ml).

No silicone - Liquid shampoo and conditioners use silicones to make hair shiny, but they actually coat the hair and pollute water sources.

Travel-Friendly. No need to worry about 100ml liquid limits. Solids are light and practical, no risk of leakage, breakage, of airport security hold ups."


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