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A new vision of natural solid care

Pushing Limits

At Fossette, we have partnered with a specialised lab at the forefront of innovative and sustainable manufacturing practices. We have total flexibility in the choice and balance of ingredients to develop the most natural, effective, and gentle formulas.


We have succeeded in the face of a major challenge: we have developed solid care products with the same sensorial properties and superior benefits as your best liquid care shampoos, conditioners and cleansers.


Clinically Tested

Our formulas have been dermatologically proven to be safe and effective for all hair and skin types, even those that are sensitive and problematic.

100% Natural Signature Scent

Our signature fragrance is 100% natural, organic, free of known allergens, essential oils and synthetic additives. It has been carefully crafted to suit all genders and all ages. Our master perfumer, a pioneer in green perfumery, has developed our signature fragrance with plant extracts. Like Fossette, this unique creation is both singular and delicate, and its soothing properties are conducive to well-being.

4 in 1

Our Fossette Essential Balm has been developed to satisfy all your beauty and hair care rituals. Our non-greasy, velvet balm has 4 uses - face, eye makeup remover, hair and body.

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The Perfect Suds

The common belief is that solid products don't foam. Not anymore! We spent almost 2 years developing a formula that suds up the second you add water. Our body bar and shampoo offer a rich, enveloping lather.
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