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Shea butter for hair: benefits and recipes for homemade masks

Shea butter is extracted from the fruits of a large tree, Butyrospermum Parkii, which can grow to more than 10 meters high and up to 2 meters wide. This tree grows in West Africa, from Senegal to Uganda.

The fruit of the shea tree looks like a small avocado. It is from its pressed stone that we obtain the shea butter. This butter has been widely used for its many virtues for centuries in certain regions of Africa.

There are different quality grades for shea butter, depending on its origin, production method (traditional, mechanized, industrial...), and ethical values for the men and women working to obtain it. Today an essential ingredient in organic and natural cosmetics, we will look at the virtues of shea butter, especially for your hair!

What are the virtues of shea butter?

Shea butter has a rich and creamy texture.

Concentrated in vitamins A, E, D, and F, terpene alcohols, phytosterols and latex, its benefits for the skin and hair are multiple. It is used in many anti-aging skin care products, in dry skin care products, and in soothing and healing products. It is also very interesting to take care of your hair.

  • It moisturizes in depth and durably,
  • It softens and nourishes the skin and hair, 
  • It is anti-inflammatory and soothing,
  • It repairs and promotes healing,
  • It protects the skin and hair from the harmful effects of UV rays,
  • It prolongs your tan,
  • It improves the elasticity of the skin,
  • It is antioxidant and therefore prevents skin aging.

Is shea butter good for hair?

Shea butter is a key ingredient in hair masks, treatments, or conditioners for all hair types. It is notably used to repair and bring shine or to deeply nourish and protect very damaged or very dry hair. It is moreover the ally of curly, curly, or frizzy hair.

What are the benefits of shea butter on hair?

 Shea butter brings all the benefits of its natural active ingredients to the hair: it restores shine and beauty by deep nourishing the hair fiber. It is particularly beneficial to split, dry and brittle hair, but also to afro hair. Shea butter also has a protective action and prolongs hair colorations, which makes it the number one ally for colored and weakened hair.

Shea butter nourishes dry hair

Shea butter is the best beauty ally for caring for hair dried out by external aggressions (wind, salt, chlorine, sun, colorings, chemicals, heat, pollution). Rich in fatty acids (linoleic, oleic, stearic, and palmitic), it deeply moisturizes the hair fiber.

In addition, shea contains a natural sun protector that protects against the sun's rays responsible for changing the pH and drying the scalp.

Shea butter repairs brittle hair

With its composition very rich in essential fatty acids, shea butter penetrates the hair fiber deeply. The vitamins A, D, E, and F it contains allow dry, broken or split hair to regain its strength and vigor. Thus, by acting at the heart of the hair fiber, shea butter helps to space out cuts thanks to its anti-furrowing action. 

Shea butter protects your coloring

Shea butter, in addition to repairing hair weakened by coloring, contains latex, a natural sunscreen and protects hair from the sun's rays. Your coloring lasts longer and keeps all its shine.

Shea butter saves your scalp

Thanks to the latex it contains, shea butter protects the hair from the sun's rays responsible for drying out the scalp. Moreover, rich in vitamins A and E, it moisturizes the scalp to prevent dandruff and flaking.

The vitamin D and vitamin E cocktail contained in shea butter improves blood circulation in the scalp. It stimulates the growth of hair follicles and delays hair loss.

Also, note that shea butter has soothing properties for sensitive scalps.


How to use shea butter for hair?

Shea butter can be used alone, as a mask, or in combination with other natural active ingredients to provide customized care for your hair.

Using shea butter to nourish dry hair:

Is your hair dry and needs treatment to regain shine and radiance? Shea butter moisturizes and strengthens your hair:

  • Soften a small dab of shea butter by rubbing it into the palm of your hands.
  • Apply to damaged lengths. 


Be careful to adapt the quantity to the needs of your hair and its texture. Too much shea butter will weigh down your hair.

Using shea butter to repair dry or brittle hair

Is your hair brittle or split? To recover healthy hair shea butter mask for intense repair will be the ideal natural solution. We recommend using an organic, non-deodorized and FFL (Fair For Life) certified shea butter for a quality butter, composed of maximum natural active ingredients and benefits.

 Here is how to proceed:

  • Warm the shea butter between your hands
  • Apply generously all over your hair.
  • Wrap your hair in a wet towel with very hot water, or under a heating cap if you have one: this will open the scales of the hair fiber for a better penetration of the shea butter.
  • Leave on for at least 30 minutes. For even more effectiveness, you can leave your repair mask on overnight.
  • Shampoo your hair as usual to remove the excess.

Tips :

If your hair is mixed and regrays quickly, apply only to the lengths.

For fine hair, adjust the amount by using less butter.

To fight against split ends apply a very small amount on damaged ends, punctually or daily to space out cuts.

Using shea butter for frizzy, curly or curly hair

Very dry, very damaged, frizzy, curly or curly hair needs intense daily hydration.

Shea butter provides the deep hydration you need. It sheathes the hair fiber, softens your hair and makes styling easier. No more frizz, just beautiful, well-defined curls!

  • Every morning, soften a small dab of shea butter in the palm of your hands;
  • Apply to the whole hair, lightly untangling it with your fingers and define your curls.

Using shea butter to protect your hair color

Hair colorations use aggressive products that momentarily denature the structure of the hair fiber by opening its scales to allow the coloring pigments to enter. This process makes your hair more fragile. The only way to deal with this problem is to moisturize your hair thoroughly and regularly.

Colored hair must also be protected from UV rays and, therefore, sun exposure to make its shine last longer.

Shea butter deeply nourishes the hair fiber. Rich in latex, it protects hair from wind, sun, and cold and restores its shine.

It is, therefore the ideal ally for colored hair!

Before exposure to the sun: soften a small amount of shea butter in your hands and apply it lightly to hair.

As a regular treatment, depending on the need (between once a month and once a week):

Apply as a mask

  • Leave on for at least 30 minutes, wrapping your hair in a warm towel or heating cap. For an intense repairing treatment, you can leave it on overnight.
  • Do your usual shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

Using shea butter to soothe sensitive scalps

Elastics that are too tight, uses of irritating coloring products, intense cold or chlorine from the pool...Your scalp itches, flakes, has dry dandruff or redness? Shea butter will soothe and care for your scalp to restore its health! Here's how to take advantage of the active ingredients in shea butter to care for your scalp:

  • Rub a generous amount of shea butter between your hands for easy application,
  • Apply the shea butter to your roots, taking the time to massage the scalp,
  • Leave on for 20 minutes,
  • Shampoo your hair using a mild shampoo and rinse thoroughly.


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