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Zoom Self-Draining Soap Dish
Zoom Self-Draining Soap Dish
Zoom Self-Draining Soap Dish
Zoom Self-Draining Soap Dish

Self-Draining Soap Dish



Move over plastic bottles, our soap dish features a two-piece design so that water can drip into the base below, allowing the soaps to dry completely for more prolonged use. 

 Bamboo fibre & silicone - dim: 12 x 8,5 x 2,5 cm 4 "3/4 x 3"1/3 x 1"



Versatile: Whether you have a bathtub or small shower, with or without a shelf we've imagined a way to keep your products safe from water. Our soap dish fits all situations! Its ventilated grid, equipped with feet, ensures that your solid care products dry quickly. The easy-to-clean base is designed to catch water that drains through the grid. If the base is not needed, use just the grid - the water then flows directly into your shower. The tray doubles as a bathroom accessory for beauty accessories or jewellery!

Product highlight: we've included pre-printed separate silicone labels "shampoo," "conditioner," & "body bar" so you can be sure not to mix up your solids! We've included three blank labels that you can customize so roommates or those who prefer not to share soaps can put their name on them!  


Protecting the environment as well as offering safe & natural hair and skin care are the pillars of our mission.

Our travel soap boxes and self-draining soap dishes are made with bamboo fibre and premium silicone Both materials are a real alternative to traditional plastic or fragile bath accessories. 


Our soap dishes are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Self-Draining Soap Dish


Long Live Solid Bars

Custom designed accessories to make your eco-gestures count


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