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What is the Best Solid Shampoo?

Solid shampoo is now becoming a mainstream product. New brands are emerging very regularly, and that's positive news!

Why? In France, for instance, a four-person household generates 71 kg of plastic waste per year. Every year, 10,000 tons of plastic waste ends up in the Mediterranean Sea. The zero waste alternative is an emergency!

Moreover, the best solid shampoos are often natural, without silicone, preservatives or other toxic ingredients for our health or our environment.

 But, it’s important to be aware, not all solid shampoos are equal in terms of quality and results. We favor natural products, but not necessarily organic shampoos because they can contain sulfates which are  irritating and harmful, or soap, that has a pH that doesn’t respect the natural balance of your hair.

 So, which solid shampoo is the best?

How did we determine the best solid shampoos?

In order to guide you in this choice according to your needs, we analyzed and compared the ingredients and the percentage of naturalness of  various brands of solid shampoos sold in France, and if possible Made In France.

We have also done a wide review of consumer reviews, verified if the marketed benefits had been tested by independent laboratories (this is rarely the case) and then tested the products.

What is a solid shampoo?

Any shampoo, liquid or solid, is composed of a foaming agent, or surfactant, which cleanses the hair, and different ingredients, natural, or not, which add different properties and benefits for the hair.

A liquid shampoo is composed mostly of water, which requires the addition of preservatives. It often contains silicones that coat the hair (but also suffocate it), and many other harmful chemicals. 

The best solid shampoos contain no water and therefore no preservatives. They do not contain silicones either. They are concentrated in natural active ingredients.

A rule of thumb: One solid shampoo = 2 bottles of shampoo!

How to use a solid shampoo?

There are two ways to use a solid shampoo. 1) In the shower, lather the solid shampoo between your hands then apply the mousse directly on your wet scalp. 2) Apply the bar directly to your wet hair/scalp. Massage to create lather, then rinse!

The best solid shampoos lather just as well as a liquid shampoo and often leave hair softer and healthier!

To keep it longer, be sure to let it dry completely between uses. Standing water is your solid shampoo's number one enemy!

The best solid shampoos in France

There are many references of solid shampoos. Many have the same basic formula with a varying ingredient to suit different hair types: normal hair, dry or damaged hair, oily hair... We advise you to choose slightly more elaborate formulas that respect the scalp and hair structure. Whatever your hair type, an ultra-gentle solid shampoo adapted to sensitive scalps will respect your hair fiber and improve the health of both oily and dry or damaged hair! 

Discover our selection of the best solid shampoos.

Fossette Paris solid shampoo

Description: Fossette Paris offers a range of natural solid care without concessions on pleasure and efficiency, including one gentle shampoo suitable for all hair types: The Perfect Shampoo. As its name suggests, it is simply perfect! A flawless product in terms of ingredients: 94% natural, sulfate-free, essential oil-free, allergen-free and suitable for all, even sensitive scalps.

Benefits: A product with an exclusive and innovative formula. The lather is rich and generous. The hair is light, super soft and shiny, even better it gets greasy less quickly. These benefits are real results - tested on a panel of users of all hair types and approved by an independent laboratory under dermatological control.

Disadvantages: A slightly higher price. 

Price: 14.90 euros for 70 g

Respire solid shampoos

Description: The French brand Respire has already developed several types of solid shampoos according to the needs of your hair and a wide range of cosmetics that are natural and healthy as possible. Respire has helped democratize the use of solid shampoo.

Benefits: An ultra dynamic brand on communication. A wide variety of fragrances to please everyone. The shampoo lathers perfectly and leaves the hair light.

Disadvantages: We just regret they have opted for a common formula (white label) which is identical to many products on the market - both similar competitors and supermarket brands. We have also noted a presence of allergens and the product tends to dry the hair and scalp after long term use.

Price: 9,90 euros for 75 g

N.A.E Organic Solid Shampoos

Description: N.A.E is a brand belonging to the German group Henkel (Diadermine, Fa). It was the first to offer solid shampoos in supermarkets.

Benefits: A price that makes solid shampoo accessible to all and certified organic formulas. The shampoo lathers well and cleans well. The hair is light.

Disadvantages: The presence of sulfates and allergens and a list of ingredients that is a bit long and potentially aggressive to the hair and scalp. Tends to dry the hair.

Price: 5,99 euros for 85 g


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